Caesar Guerini Revenant Sporting 28 Ga 32in

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Brand: Caesar Guerini
Inventory Number: 170178

The Revenant features a round body action famous for its graceful curves alongside radiused side plates to further enhance the lines of the action. The fore-end is graced with a winged fore-end iron and inletted escutcheon surrounding the push-button release, both hallmarks of the highest quality shotguns. The Revenant is engraved to the absolute maximum from the sideplates through to the Boss forend extension. In a tribute to hunting, there are quail on one side and pheasants on the other in more than two dozen gold inlays over silver maple leaves and branches on a black background. The engraving is cut to several depths for superb visual appeal. The engraving is done by Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli, a modern engraving concern that combines EDM (electrical discharge machining), laser, hand engraving and a separate gold application. We have been told that the Revenant’s engraving takes 25 hours of the most advanced mechanical engraving backed up by 15 hours of handwork.

This Sporting edition features a long trigger guard which blends into a pistol grip stock to make the profile of the Revenant Sporting what can best be described as “racy”. The barrels feature a ventilated rib and the trigger is adjustable, as desired by the competitive shooter.

The Revenant Sporting is supplied with 6 MAXIS competition extended choke tubes (CYL, SK, IC, IC, LM, M), a wood grain and leather hard case, choke case, choke tube wrench, stock wrench, and velvet stock/barrel sleeves.

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