Caesar Guerini Invictus IX Sporting 12 Ga 32in

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Brand: Caesar Guerini
Inventory Number: 176086

The Caesar Guerini Invictus is a result of years of research to find a technical solution for increasing the long term durability of an over-and-under action. More specifically, the problem of over/unders becoming “off face,” a condition which is created by the barrel and action wearing to the point that there is an unsafe gap between the two.

Caesar Guerini developed and implemented the revolutionary Invictus system in 2015. At its heart is a million-round system built with replaceable cams that join the barrels to the action and a special plate that mates with the barrels opposite the sliding underbolt. It is the cams, one on each side of the barrels, and the “Invictus Block,” that make the action-to-barrel joint so durable. All the locking surfaces are modular, creating a gun that is many times more durable than a traditional over-and-under shotgun. The action on Invictus guns are also wider to provide more bearing surface. This enables the sliding underbolt to extend the full width of the barrels and add strength to the action/barrel connection.

The Invictus IX is Caesar Guerini’s premium Invictus shotgun. The action is coin-silver finished with full coverage laser engraving which is finished by hand. The receiver on the Invictus IX features designs of mythical creatures including dragons, griffins, lemurs, lions and cobras. The highly-detailed designs begin on the sideplated receiver and extend towards the stock with the engraved long tang trigger guard and top lever. The engraving also flows towards the muzzle with the super-unique, engraved winged (or boss-style) forend iron. Master Engraver Dario Cortini, who worked with Caesar Guerini on projects such as the Revenant and Syren Julia, came out of retirement to design the engraving on the Invictus IX.

The Invictus IX is supplied with 6 MAXIS competition extended choke tubes (CYL, SK, IC, IC, LM, M), a premium wood grain and leather hard case, choke case, choke tube wrench, stock wrench, and velvet stock/barrel sleeves.

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