Bespoke and Custom Guns

Orion Outdoors Co. offers clients the ability to order handmade, custom-curated guns. Heirloom-quality pieces that are built specifically for you and will last lifetimes.

BESPOKE /bəˈspōk/: hand-made, custom

For an outdoorsman or woman, perhaps the ultimate experience of firearm ownership is the commissioning of a bespoke gun.
A bespoke gun is a handmade, custom gun ordered to the client’s specifications. A gun that is tailored to fit your unique characteristics and aesthetic interests. The fully bespoke process will result not only in an object of great beauty but also it will be a highly proficient tool that you, and generations following you, will enjoy using long after the cost has been forgotten.
Although everyone tends to remember with great fondness the first gun they used, there is nothing that hits the mark like having a gun built to your own specification.
Building a bespoke gun requires top craftsmanship and materials that cannot be bettered – by definition, these guns are the best a manufacturer can build.


Orion Outdoors Company has relationships with some of the globe’s finest manufacturers of firearms.
We are factory-direct authorized agents for the following bespoke manufacturers: James Purdey & Sons, Westley Richards, Armas Kemen, Cosmi, Grulla, and Merkel among others. These fine makers produce guns which are made completely by hand to the exact specifications of the order.
In addition to makes mentioned above, Orion Outdoors Co. also has the ability to special order and customize guns made by Caesar Guerini, Rizzini, Fabarm, Syren, Beretta, Browning, Nighthawk Custom, Staccato and Korth.
Whether your budget for a fine gun is $5k or $500k,  our team would be pleased to assist you in curating the gun of your dreams.


The bespoke process starts, naturally enough, with a conversation in which we will discuss the type of shooting you intend to use the gun for, the usual quarry and who will be shooting the gun – if not yourself.
In order to advise you on all aspects of your gun from the length and orientation of barrels, choke sizes and overall weight, and shape of stock, we will need to take accurate measurements at a designated gun-fitting session with one of our master fitters.
As with any form of bespoke commission, we will obtain the specifications needed to build your gun based upon the minutiae of your own requirements matched with the measurements during your gun fitting session.
We will discuss your choice of engraving. This, of course, has no bearing on your ability to shoot straight but if well considered,will be a pleasure to behold every time you lay eyes upon it. Engraving style and pattern is entirely your choice and we have many samples and artisans on hand to help guide your decision
At the point when you confirm that you wish to proceed and place the order, you will be informed of any deposit requirements along with the estimated production timeline for your bespoke piece.